I see you've come to pay tribute.

In countless cultures and traditions, tithes, tributes and gifts have been whole-heartedly offered up to God, Goddess, or Deity. 

And so it is in Creatrix Culture.


(BTC) wallet ID: 3BVHHC6J4nZcV1P56QnRTQPkyrmBJ3qLce

CashApp $CreatrixChalice

Credit or Debit card: https://www.wishtender.com/creatrixchalice

Amazon or Etsy gift cards (USD) are always an option.
Gift cards are e-mailed to [email protected]

Treating Me is a treat for you.
Go ahead, place a worthy offering.



When submitting ANY form of tribute, you will NEVER use any language that suggest the tribute is anything other than a gift.

Your tribute may say "from ____" and that is it. Unless it is a tribute or a gift for a specific purpose, then you may say "for coffee," "for a massage," etc.

Any time BTC is sent, unless you want it to remain anonymous, you are to send me a screenshot of the transaction.